‘’York Road Dental Practice is highly professional and caring. Throughout every single stage of my work I was listened to, at no point was I rushed. The end result of my work is better than I ever imagined’’ - Ella

‘Before starting the Invisalign process I was very unhappy with how my teeth and smile looked, but making the steps to change it was not an easy choice for me. I spoke to a number of different dentists but it was Dr Mital Patel’s friendly supportive manner that really made me feel confident enough to go ahead with the treatment. I was taken through each stage of the process with lots of careful attention with frequent appointments to review each stage.

I really would like to thank everyone of the staff at York Road Dental Practice for making my appointments a supportive and positive experience. It is not often you find a practice where everyone who works there is so friendly and welcoming. This makes the experience a whole lot more pleasant.

On a personal note, I feel much more positive about myself since completing my Invisalign process. I am more confident and enjoy smiling a lot more now. It has made a huge difference to me and the way I feel about myself’ - Fiona

"York Road Dental Practice is a lovely, welcoming practice with great staff. Dr Patel is an excellent dentist and always explains everything so you know exactly what treatment is going to be done. My teeth have never looked better." - Colleen A